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Published February 28, 2014 by allovus1


It was a great shock.

The weather has been horrendous here this winter; still is; didn’t facilitate any outings or lunches/visits to Garryvoe promenade. Flu hit the Nursing home hard and being cooped up in a centrally heated environment meant it stuck.  So Ma’s breathing got wheezier but the hope was the weather would improve and She’d get out to mobilise. She was under G.P. care and the resident nurse, hospital was pointless as they were packed with flu&CUH had Swine flu to add to mix.

The weather refused to break. Storm after storm after storm, power cuts, phones down, trees blocking roads, Flooding, High Tides, roads flooded in for days.

She declined rapidly during that time and though they fought hard to mobilise her; pleurisy seemed to have taken over from what I gather.

They got her to A&E, where she slipped away before even the doctor had a chance to see her.

Two of us were with her.

She was tired, missed Dad, and wanted to go home ever since he died.

Now she’s finished that journey; before doctors saw her in A&E, before any crowds gathered, she slipped away in her own time.

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Student keeps a personal record of each class attended daily.

Student notes perceived Theme/content of each class.


This is a tracking device which:

Measures progress, if any;

Absenteeism/  attendance record,


Re-enforces class learning,



Serves as Study/revision Aid.

(Once reviewed in resource time!!)


Encourages reflection,


And tells us how student feels about that subject! ☺☺




(Je t’attendis…) Motif

Published December 6, 2012 by allovus1


I’m watching

Orange street Light


on an old Chapel wall.

An Advent Wreath

Clinging to a Podium

where men preach.

People settling as light fades.

Fog quilting old stone

and empty lanes.

Cars slipping by

in respectful monotone.

Now and then

A faint sanctuary light

flickers bright

in hope.

High Tide

Published October 6, 2012 by allovus1

Here I stand, alone

A woman of half light
Claws barely sheathed

Consumed by anger, desire
and a terrible love

Blaming you for
days without dreams
a half life of broken promises
and raped delusions
resisting an overwhelming impulse
to devour you
crush all that you are
passionately, with a dedication that pulverises you.

As with the tide
I gush forth;
Bubbling simultaneous
Enthusiasm, frustration and despair.

And then lie still;
Empty dreadful and alone.

There are moments when all is calm. Equal.
Hence I stand and say:
I defy you, I adore you, I love you I hate you.

I acknowledge your simplicity,
Recognise your submission
to muted dreams and capabilities-
your compromised existence,
your confined aspirations.

As the sea to the land
Gradually I would erode you
Whittle away at your very core
Undermine your bedrock
Consume you;

Laying You Bare.

I challenge you then;

Face me, day after day;
As I rush at you relentlessly
Beating at you: Smashing at your Surface:
Eating away at all that you are:

– Resting awhile -
Resting, Resuming
Resting, Resuming

Until: no more
But an Echo
On an Empty Shore…


Published October 5, 2012 by allovus1

The grave may be a ‘fine and private place’

But I Need not be so final;

I have concocted me a plan

To flee the ‘vox et praeterea nihil’


I shall build for me a bathroom

of marvelous proportions

and gladly spend my time therein

celebrating my good fortune.


The rules of entry will be simple:

No one need apply;

Save those poor few remaining

with tastes the same as I.


Gifts will be welcome: nay, essential;

(any wine before  ’99)

And though caviar I do not like

Herring Eggs will do just fine.


There shall we dine on Spanish salad

doused in vinaigrette;

and maintain a constant vigil

of smoldering cigarettes…  


As we wait in spirit with

the two beside the tree

Hoping that the shepherd boy

heralds the return of McCavity.


We shall read aloud our Oscar Wilde

and contemplate Grecian Urns

as we in common collocation

mourn the Circus Animal’s Return


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